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Mother’s Day Ideas and Tips to Celebrate Mom the Right Way!

Updated: Jan 29

Activity ideas for all types of moms out there! Make Mother's Day time count!

Mother's Day flowers, bouquet made by Fleuriste Picasso

Source: Photo by Syel, flowers from Fleuriste Picasso

If your mom is like mine, chances are she's not looking for the most expensive gift. In fact, she makes it clear every year that she wants ''nothing'' or wants ''to relax''. We never respect every year because we find that a gift of ''nothing'' is not enough. But this year, my sisters and I decided to listen.

To make sure she takes relaxation seriously this year, we've made reservations. We know that if we leave the day free, she will find ''work-related'' things to do. The same goes for gift cards... she will never actually use them and place the card in a drawer at home and forget it. For this reason, we have scheduled a little relaxation period. We made a reservation for a spa massage with water access. We've booked a hotel getaway, and the only effort she'll have to make over the weekend will be to meet us downstairs at the hotel restaurant. If your mom is like mine, this is a great option! Assuming you have made or will make that reservation very soon because all the moms might have a dinner reservation too :).

Although my mom was looking for peace and some solo time for Mother's Day, while decorating events I learned 1 or 2 things here and there. I was able to meet different moms who had different interests for Mother's Day. Don't worry, I'm sharing it all with you here so you can make the most of Mother's Day!

Activity Ideas for Mother's Day

DIY LUXURY PICNIC In case you are last minute and forgot to book a luxury picnic with Syel, you can make your own. That's right, there's no need to book the most expensive restaurant, you can have your own luxury picnic in mom's garden, in a park or even in the living room! You can find a nice set of plates that your mom has, you can use the backyard table, or get creative by arranging a table with what you have left. You can find a study box or hardware to hold this flat surface table. A small table runner, tablecloth, or placemat can make it look great. You can add a blanket on the floor and pillows matching the table decor. Now adding fresh flowers to the table or a candle holder can really set the tone. I'm telling you, it's even better if you're able to do it before Mom sees, so it's a surprise.


We know Mom works hard. Give her a massage to relieve that extra tension she has. It's a great gift that she can use right away and it's time for her. Also, if you want to make it an activity, you can go with her or make it a spa day like I'm doing for my mom.

KARAOKE If you hear your mom humming her favorite song, why not plan a karaoke? You can either rent a karaoke room or do it from your living room. All you need is to have in mind the songs she likes or put the playlist she likes together. With snacks, a prepared dinner, or a takeout order you get quite an activity. Don't forget to immortalize this incredible moment with videos that everyone will regret the next day!

ROAD TRIP Another great idea if mom has time would be a weekend trip! No need to fly, why not visit regions a few hours away? Sometimes it's a car full of great snacks, a destination, and lots of fun!


Who said it had to be expensive? For our people on a budget, we've got you covered! In case some of the ideas above are still too expensive, here's more inspiration.

  • Plan a family activity. It could be with your little family or reaching out to your cousins if they have nothing planned for their own moms. Although the fun is quite affordable I'm sure when the cost is divided by two or more the cost is even cheaper. Otherwise, it could also be considered quality time, which is free.99 but PRICELESS. (:

  • Give Mom a day off. You can finish her to-do list... (assuming there is an end to it)

  • You can get creative with gift cards by offering your services (ex: cooking her favorite meal whenever she wants or babysitting your sibling so she can have a day off, etc.). The possibilities are limitless!

  • Lunch or dinner plan! All moms want a day off and for some moms, cooking is not always pleasant. It can be seen as a chore. Do the maximum so she can do the least on Mother's Day!

Tips for Mother's Day


Start the day off right to show your mom you haven't forgotten about Mother's Day. If you're in the same house, gestures matter. It could be a note by her bed when she wakes up, a cooked breakfast, flowers, or small decorations around the house. If you are far away be sure to call early and visit if you can! Let your mom feel like a priority today!

Avoid doing the following on Mother's Day! - Do not plan too much, don't get mom tired too much, or stay up late if she did not intend to. It's a Sunday after all.

-Let her get the sleep she needs. Don't wake her up early to wish her a Happy Mother's Day or because you planned something.

-Avoid making the place messy, it only makes her work harder and no one likes that. If you decorated, clean up after yourself. Avoid permanent marks on furniture and accident on fabrics.

In the end, you just need to find out what your mom likes or needs and fulfill it. If you don't know, pick one category this year and you'll take the other category next year. If it helps even more, your mom will probably like one of the following (spending time with family, receiving a gift, spending time alone, or meaningful gestures).

I would love to hear from you If you read the blog! If this was helpful to you in any way, let me know. Message me on social media @syelevents or via email at We're happy to share more blog posts on ideas or tips for celebrations if this is relevant to you!

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