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Updated: May 4

We are sharing easy fall table setting suggestions for your next event. Weather you are low in budget and you wish something easy, these fall inspired tables are perfect for fall!

  1. Elegant dark decor

Rustic old candle holders and black candles can set the tone for a black decor. A light crumpled fabric as a table runner will give a Halloween old abandoned house impression. You can use a scarf with wrinkled and bumpy appearance. The old black scary book can be on the table as extra decorative element. Feel free to have fun with your motif pillow selection. We like to keep the pillow color around black and white in order to integrate perfectly with the rest of the decor. A touch

Source: Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels

FACT: “'Did you know that falls was a time of transition season caused by the nothern hemisphere? With the change in obliquity of the planet, it get colder'' -Syel

2. Classy table

It doesn't have to be complicated. A few squash on the table can create a wonderful look. In order to keep it classy, we recommend adding a white table cloth. If you are out of space due to the amount of food on the table, you can use chic glassware, table napkins and move the squash around the table instead or further in the room. Let's say it like it is, your food can totally be the center of attention and we don't blame you. If that's the case, we recommend variation of color in your food and it will be just as beautiful.

Source: Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

3. Natural fall

Baby squash is excellent for tables. They don't take a lot of place and you can have color variation. Add some candles and plants and you will get a fresh fall look. It's a great centerpiece to have for a wonderful look. We recommend playing with the plants color for a better style.

Source: Photo by Rinck Content Studio on Unsplash

4. Thankful table

Dry elements are very popular for fall decoration. They are easy to find, you have plenty of choice and they are very colorful. If you decide to look for them outside, don't forget to clean them and you can add your napkin to keep a separation from the plates. You may want to be sure that the dried element you selected is not shedding or falling apart easily to avoid a bad experience for your guests. We recommend using a neutral napkin table. This will allow your dry decor to shine more. Gift tags are a great way to personalize your table. This sweet touch can make your guest blush by adding a note to thank them for joining. We fall over words like ''thankful'' or ''grateful''.

Source: Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

5. Change of scenario

This blue checkered fabric with fall elements are a good match for a different table. Fall doesn't have to be all over orange. Here we suggest a masculine table decor. Green glassware and candles give a nature look and we include dry element to remind us fall. Feel free to add your squash on another surface around the table. You can keep making it luxurious with napkin table and rings.

Source: Photo by Libby Penner on Unsplash

6. Warm ambiance

We cannot think of fall and forget the apple pie smell, the squash but mostly the spices! Cinnamon is the perfect dry element to create this ambiance. The color fit fall and the smell will set the mood for your guests. The leaf is a colorful reminder of the season. Use a gift wrap in order to add a note to your guest. We recommend to keep one word for appealing look and if you want to add more, you can write on the back. A brown napkin disposes in the opposite direction as the cinnamon improve the design. In order to break the color a little bit, you can have fun with your choice of plates. Here we find the light blue ideal for this purpose.

Source: Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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